2008-2014 Dodge Challenger ORACLE Lighting LED Side Markers

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These 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger ORACLE LED Sidemarkers are quite unique in that they can be used on more than one type of vehicle. Most plug-and-play replacement side markers are designed for a single make and model across several years of the vehicle, but these lights are compatible with both the 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger and the 2011-2014 Dodge Charger. It is important to note, however, that only the rear lights in this kit will fit the 2011-2014 Charger. The kit for the 2011-2014 Charger only includes those back lights.
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Using powerful 2835 Bridgelux LEDs, these intense lights are able to generate an appearance that is both brilliantly vivid and sharp. The lights are said to produce something that almost looks like a laser show. Since these lights plug directly into the existing socket on the stock vehicle, there is no need to modify the body or hardware of the vehicle to make these fit. Installation only takes a few minutes thanks to that convenience as well. Buyers can select finishes with either clear or tinted lenses, and the paint options are identical to the factory coded paint options for these vehicles.

Features and Accessories included with the 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger ORACLE LED Sidemarkers:
  • The Kit Includes 2 x Front 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger Amber LED Sidemarkers 
  • The Kit Includes 2 x Rear 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger Red LED Sidemarkers
  • Easy 5 minutes Installation
  • No Vehicle Modification Requirement
  • The Package Fits 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Dodge Challengers
  • Kits Include Installation Instructions
  • All Sidemarkers Include 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Clear, Tinted, or Ghosted Options
  • Factory Paint Options


  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Challenger
  • Years: 2008-2014

Clear Lens Part #'s


9800-019 No Paint
9801-019 Hemi Orange Pearl (PLC)
9802-019 Brilliant Black Pearl (PXR)
9803-019 Bright Silver Metallic (PS2)
9804-019 TorRed (PR3)
9805-019 Surf Blue Pearl (PQD)
9806-019 Deep Water Blue Pearl (PBS)
9807-019 Stone White (PW1)
9808-019 Dark Titanium Metallic (PDT)
9809-019 Plum Crazy Pearl (PHG)
9810-019 Furious Fuchsia Pearl (PHP)
9811-019 Detonator Yellow (PYB)
9812-019 Blackberry Pearl (PBV)
9813-019 Bright White (PW7)
9814-019 Tungsten Metallic (PDM)
9815-019 Toxic Orange (PVG)
9816-019 Redline 3-Coat Pearl (PRY)
9817-019 Green With Envy (PGE)
9818-019 Pitch Black (PX8)
9819-019 Header Orange (PL4)
9820-019 Blue Streak Pearl (PCL)
9821-019 Stinger Yellow (PYV)
9822-019 Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX)
9823-019 Granite Crystal Metallic (PAU)
9824-019 Melbourne Green Pearl (PPL)
9825-019 Inferno Red Crystal Pearl (PRH)
9826-019 Redline Pearl (PRY)
9827-019 Billet Metallic (PSC)
9828-019 Mango Tango Pearl (PVG)
9829-019 Midnight Blue Pearl (PB8)
9830-019 Sublime Metallic (PFB)
9831-019 Phantom Black Pearl (PXT)
9832-019 Ivory Pearl (PWD)
9833-019 High Octane Red Pearl (PRR)




Tinted Lens Part #'s


9800-020 No Paint
9801-020 Hemi Orange Pearl (PLC)
9802-020 Brilliant Black Pearl (PXR)
9803-020 Bright Silver Metallic (PS2)
9804-020 TorRed (PR3)
9805-020 Surf Blue Pearl (PQD)
9806-020 Deep Water Blue Pearl (PBS)
9807-020 Stone White (PW1)
9808-020 Dark Titanium Metallic (PDT)
9809-020 Plum Crazy Pearl (PHG)
9810-020 Furious Fuchsia Pearl (PHP)
9811-020 Detonator Yellow (PYB)
9812-020 Blackberry Pearl (PBV)
9813-020 Bright White (PW7)
9814-020 Tungsten Metallic (PDM)
9815-020 Toxic Orange (PVG)
9816-020 Redline 3-Coat Pearl (PRY)
9817-020 Green With Envy (PGE)
9818-020 Pitch Black (PX8)
9819-020 Header Orange (PL4)
9820-020 Blue Streak Pearl (PCL)
9821-020 Stinger Yellow (PYV)
9822-020 Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX)
9823-020 Granite Crystal Metallic (PAU)
9824-020 Melbourne Green Pearl (PPL)
9825-020 Inferno Red Crystal Pearl (PRH)
9826-020 Redline Pearl (PRY)
9827-020 Billet Metallic (PSC)
9828-020 Mango Tango Pearl (PVG)
9829-020 Midnight Blue Pearl (PB8)
9830-020 Sublime Metallic (PFB)
9831-020 Phantom Black Pearl (PXT)
9832-020 Ivory Pearl (PWD)
9833-020 High Octane Red Pearl (PRR)




Ghosted Paint Part #'s


9801-504 Hemi Orange Pearl (PLC)
9802-504 Brilliant Black Pearl (PXR)
9803-504 Bright Silver Metallic (PS2)
9804-504 TorRed (PR3)
9805-504 Surf Blue Pearl (PQD)
9806-504 Deep Water Blue Pearl (PBS)
9807-504 Stone White (PW1)
9808-504 Dark Titanium Metallic (PDT)
9809-504 Plum Crazy Pearl (PHG)
9810-504 Furious Fuchsia Pearl (PHP)
9811-504 Detonator Yellow (PYB)
9812-504 Blackberry Pearl (PBV)
9813-504 Bright White (PW7)
9814-504 Tungsten Metallic (PDM)
9815-504 Toxic Orange (PVG)
9816-504 Redline 3-Coat Pearl (PRY)
9817-504 Green With Envy (PGE)
9818-504 Pitch Black (PX8)
9819-504 Header Orange (PL4)
9820-504 Blue Streak Pearl (PCL)
9821-504 Stinger Yellow (PYV)
9822-504 Jazz Blue Metallic (PBX)
9823-504 Granite Crystal Metallic (PAU)
9824-504 Melbourne Green Pearl (PPL)
9825-504 Inferno Red Crystal Pearl (PRH)
9826-504 Redline Pearl (PRY)
9827-504 Billet Metallic (PSC)
9828-504 Mango Tango Pearl (PVG)
9829-504 Midnight Blue Pearl (PB8)
9830-504 Sublime Metallic (PFB)
9831-504 Phantom Black Pearl (PXT)
9832-504 Ivory Pearl (PWD)
9833-504 High Octane Red Pearl (PRR)



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