​Flexible Illumination

​Flexible Illumination

Posted by Josh B. on Apr 19th 2018

There are a lot of ways to go about expanding your vehicle's lighting abilities. You could easily exchange your existing factory lights for brighter LED, LCD, or plasma options, and this will instantly make your vehicle much more visible while on the road and more noticeable to pedestrians. Here at Furious Lights, we carry a tremendous selection of lighting accessories from some of the most notable names in the industry, like ORACLE. Many of our ORACLE products are considered the best in their class, and they provide extended lifespan and brighter illumination.

The great thing about many ORACLE products is that they are designed to mimic the factory components so they are easy to install. This means, for example, you can easily remove your factory headlights and install a new set in the exact configuration that includes a set of ORACLE halo rings. However, the ability to upgrade existing lights is only part of the equation when it comes to your car's lighting. The other part of the equation relates to adding lights that don't come with the factory standard vehicle, and there are just as many ORACLE products you can add to almost any vehicle.

One of the most notable universal lighting products from ORACLE that we carry here at FuriousLights.com is the ORACLE LED Flood Light Pod. This unit is a single self-contained flood light device that can be installed with dual screws in just about any location. It uses a brilliant CREE LED module to produce exquisite light, and it comes in a range of colors. You can either install the unit on the exterior of your vehicle to illuminate the world around you with the wide-angle beam, or you can add the pod to the interior of your vehicle to completely brighten even the darkest corners. Install it under the hood for an effective emergency light, or add it to the cabin footwells for greater ambient lighting.

The simple installation is partially due to the 12V utility of the light that plugs directly into your car's existing electrical system. The light is ideal of accent lighting, and it measures less than 4 cubic inches so it fits everywhere you might need it. Add several of these light pods to your vehicle in various locations if you want complete illumination both inside and out. Contact us at FuriousLights.com if you have any questions about our huge selection of lighting products.