Here’s Why You Need to Switch to LED Headlights!

Aug 17th 2017


No matter whether you are a car freak or a regular user, no one likes to see their vehicle looking bad or not performing well. This is absolutely true and this is the reason people spend a lot on maintaining the looks of their car or to enhance the performance of their car. How about meeting the both requirements with one solution?

Yes, it is very much possible to enhance the performance of your car and upgrade its looks at the same time! Yes, we are talking about the  oracle led headlights! These are highly efficient bulbs that provide a great driving experience to the owner. It is sensible to switch to LED headlights and if you ask us why; let us brief you about the same!

Top Reasons to Switch to LED Headlights

  • Better Lighting

This is probably the top reason for switching to LED headlights. As compared to halogen lights, LED lights emit more light because it converts 80% of the energy received directly into light, wasting only 20%. On the other hand, halo lights do the reverse by wasting 80% of the light received while just converting 20% of the energy into producing light. LED lights help in easing the load on your alternator by providing a stronger light.

  • Easy Installation

Installing oracle led headlights is one of the easiest tasks you can carry out for your car. It hardly requires any technical skills or mechanical knowledge. You can do this on your own pretty easily. It just requires basic tools and some 30-50 minutes to change your lights. LED kits come with complete instructions and this is the reason installing them is like a cakewalk. Moreover, this way it helps you save a lot on the labor cost!

  • Hassle Free Maintenance

Halogen lights need replacement with the passing of time but this is not exactly the case with the LED lights. The reason behind this is that LED headlights can last up to 22 years at 50% solid use. It is a very wise decision to switch to LED lights in order to secure your savings for the future. You save a lot on the maintenance and replacement part as far as the lighting of your car is concerned.

  • Increases Safety Levels

When you are driving a vehicle, the biggest concern which a driver or the passengers have is nothing but the safety. The safety levels are greatly affected by the quality of lighting. With LED lights, you do not have to worry about the safety levels as you get a crystal clear view of the front. Moreover, these lights are highly efficient during the foggy and dark night, or any other natural disturbance. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to replace your old car headlights with brand new oracle led headlights!