Hidden features of Oracle Halo Lights You Didn’t Know About

Sep 4th 2017


Oracle Lighting is a well-reputed brand for amazing car headlamps that have been appraised by millions. These headlamps come with a stunning LED ring structure that can be fitted into almost every popular car model. The LED’s are better than regular headlights as they consume much less power and are inexpensive to produce. But is that all about these lights? No! There is much more! Especially, in the new color changing halo headlights that have the ability to change the color of the LED output.

We have made a list of features that are usually hidden and are not in the knowledge of many people. We are almost certain you didn’t know about these features of Halo Lights before reading this blog post!

Endless Number of Colors

Yes, this is true. The new ColorSHIFT 2.0 Halo Lights allow you to choose just any color for your headlights. This is an interesting feature as you get to match the headlight color with any new modification you perform on your car. Whether getting a new paint job done or changing the upholstery, you can make sure you have the headlights well adjusted to the overall coloring scheme. Also, if you are traveling in a foggy environment, colored lights provide better visibility than plain white light.

High-Powered 5050 RGB 3-Chip

Not only the latest iteration of the LED headlights comes with various colors but they have been improved for better lighting. The High-Powered 5050 RGB 3-Chip is as much as 3 times brighter than the previous version but also energy efficient. They don’t need invertors to function and can easily operate on the 12V current provided by your car.

Infrared Remote Control

The best new feature to be included the color changing halo headlights is the ability to change colors using a remote control. The infrared operated remote ends the need to go to a mechanic and get the color of LED’s programmed. Now you can do it with the touch of a button with this remote. It also has an LED indicator that lets you know what color the lights are flashing currently. You get the three basic Red, Green and Blue colors on the controller that can be used in any combination to alternate the LED output color.

LED Functions

What’s more? The LEDs have various functions that allow the user to switch between modes. Some modes to name are strobe, mesh and fade etc that can be customized using the controller. This cool feature lets you turn any friendly get together into an instant disco party whenever and wherever!

Waterproofing Technology

The Lights are completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry if you are taking your car out for some off-roading adventure, water splashes won’t turn spoil your ride!