Most Popular Lighting Products by LED Concepts

Sep 12th 2017


If you are an automobile enthusiast, you must have heard about LED Concepts Lighting, the big customized car lighting manufacturer that’s amazingly popular for its products. They not only create products that stand out of competition but also have some great innovation in their technology. Especially, the Colormorph halo lights that have been selling like crazy for them. But there is much more to this brand and we are sure you don’t know half the products they sell.

So, in this blog post, we will talk about the most popular products offered by the brand that act as a great makeover for your car. These are high quality lighting enhancements that can turn heads at any given time! Read on to find out which one is your favorite.

Light Bar Halos

Light Bar Halos are the 6” light extensions for the car front or the tail region and are gorgeous to look at. These lights come with extra resistors so that no additional driver is required to use them. They are created with special technique to allow easy installation in any of the car models. You also get these bar halo lights in color changing options to define an overall coloring scheme for the car.

Rock Lights

Do you want your car to rock among your friends? Well, here is a product for you! The LED Rock Lights are made for under the hood lighting and illuminate the area just beneath your car’s bottom with a sharp colored light. These lights are sure to make your car look like a sci-fi vehicle with a vibrant glow. They are best suited for vehicles with high ground clearance.

Morimoto 2stroke LED Headlight Bulbs

After years of admiration and perseverance, LED Concepts Lighting has finally shown their appreciation for the Morimoto LED Headlights. These headlights come with 5000lm intensity bulbs with 2.7 Amp current drawing power. They are made to steal attention like anything and can be adjusted for low/high beam easily.

DRL Boards

Next in the list are DRL Boards for various car models that render the headlights an unforgettable look. They are nothing less than monster eyes for your vehicle. The company provides DRL Boards for almost all popular car models with easy fit guarantee. The best part is that you can command these boards with a remote to setup the color of your choice. The package includes external drivers for convenience as well!

ColorMorph Light Bars

Need to make a bold statement at your weekend hangout spot? Here are the monstrous 40” ColorMorph Light Bars from LED Concepts Lighting with 240 W power rating. These light bars can be installed anywhere you like and come with universal mounting brackets. The 16,800 lm output would be hard to ignore when you’ll hit the road with these blinding lights!