The Most Eye-Candy Car Modifications You Must Get!

Posted by PJ S. on Aug 7th 2017

Since the first Model T came out of the Ford Piquette Avenue Factory back in 1908, cars have become the foremost mode of transport for citizens. Every aspect of cars has developed over the years including their engines, graphics and exteriors. Cars later became a status symbol and a way to represent your love for motorized transport. Today, there is a car in every modern household.

Car modification industry, over the years, has greatly bloomed due to this fact as people started bringing art into the spectrum of motorized transport. Here we have some of the most popular car modifications that will make your car stand out from the crowd. We have included various things like oracle halo kit headlamps and alloy wheels.

Body Decals

Colourful lines running across the shiny metal body attract instant attention. Body decals come in a huge variety of shapes, arts and sizes that can be customized as per need. These render a unique identity to your car with their aesthetic qualities. Most of the racecars usually come with body decals to promote the splendour of racing and the joy that is achieved while doing so.

Alloy Wheels

Whenever you see a car making swift turns with eye-catching alloy wheels, the first thing that comes to your mind is “wow!” Such is the impact of adding allow wheels to your car. Alloys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with beautiful chrome plating options for the rims.They also provide strength and agility to the wheels. Most of the car wheels don’t have a lot of variation, hence installing allows makes your car really hog the limelight.

HID Head Lamps

Car headlamps have evolved into a whole new concept for the new generation of car drivers. Their purpose is no more limited to illuminating the pathway but to announce the presence of the car with daunt. Here is where oracle halo kit car headlamps really shine brightly. They have a charismatic LED pattern that leaves a mark on the onlooker. A must buy if you want to make a statement with your car.

Chrome Front Grills

This component which is sometimes regarded as the mouth of the car is another integral factor of your car aesthetics. Chrome plated grills make your car’s front scream with pride and esteem. If you wish to add grace to your car, go for minimally toned chrome grills and if you want your car to really make a difference, then you can go for the heavy chrome plating options as well.

The Spoiler

The Spoiler is generally made for sports cars but it can add a great dynamic touch to any car that it is fitted with. It works by bending the airflow in such a way that the car doesn’t lose control at speed ranges exceeding 150 to 200 mph. Spoiler and oracle halo kit combos take your car impression to another level!