​Universal Vehicle Lighting Expansion

​Universal Vehicle Lighting Expansion

Posted by Josh B. on Mar 21st 2018

Aftermarket lighting accessories are perhaps the best way to customize your vehicle without breaking the bank, but it can be a bit daunting to find the perfect item for your vehicle. Here at FuriousLights.com, our selection includes just about anything you could imagine in the realm of aftermarket lighting accessories, so where do you begin? If you already know that you're going to eventually upgrade your vehicle with various lighting accessories, it can be a good idea to start the upgrade process with a universal kit that can be added to any vehicle. This will help you ensure optimal compatibility, and universal kits are generally extremely easy to install yourself.

One of the most common areas where enthusiasts might want to add bright, lustrous lights to their vehicle is in the wheels. Wheel ring lights are an excellent way to expand the lighting of your vehicle in a way that completely changes the dynamic of the vehicle's aesthetic. If you want to add such lights to your vehicle, consider the ORACLE COLORSHIFT WHEEL RING INSTALLATION KIT. This kit comes with universal fitment, and installation is a breeze.

To ensure that these wheel ring lights will fit on any vehicle wheel, the product is shipped as a single 50-foot strand of RGB LED modules. You can cut the single strand into four pieces that will perfectly fit in your vehicle wheels. The kit also comes with all the hardware elements you'll need to finish the installation and power the lights. The lighting strips are easily attached to your vehicle thanks to the adhesive backing, and since they use RGB ColorSHIFT lighting modules, you can make them shine in any color you choose.

While the kit itself comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, the actually LED modules in the lights are rated to last for quite a bit longer. Most LED modules of this quality offer at least 60,000 hours of active utility, so they could very well outlast the vehicle in which you install them. These lights are also some of the most energy efficient in the world, so you won't have to worry about any additional strain on your battery. This kit is one of the best places to start if you want to get into the hobby of custom aftermarket lighting for your vehicle. After you see how easy it is with this kit, you can browse our selection for more upgrades.